Coronavirus pandemic and mental health: How we can help people in quarantine..

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Non part of the world can any longer claim to be completely safe from the coronavirus outbreak that has now spread to 77 countries, infecting over 90,000 people in a span of just three months. As on march 4, more than 3,198 people had died due to Covid-19 (the disease caused by this variant of the coronavirus). In India, the situation had been relatively under control because vigilant health officials in Kerala were able to promptly trace the three cases that were reported last month. All of them were students studying in China (the epicentre of coronavirus outbreak) and had returned home for annual vacation on account of Lunar New Year festivities in China. Things have changed drastically this week with 26 new cases reported from Delhi, Rajasthan and Telangana. The Union health ministry has assured it is taking all preventive measures against coronavirus and issued fresh travel advisories, besides increasing screening at airports and seaports.

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