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We are in search of people who have a passion for writing articles, blog, press release on any niche like IT, Food, Astrology, Technical, Academic, Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Travel etc.

At thecontentink.com, we’re looking to produce more high quality, educational content that keeps the audience engaged and provides all the information they need to know while exploring new things. If that’s what you foresee yourself doing & passionate about writing, you are the perfect fit for thecontentink.com Guest Blogging!

Who Can Write For Us?

If you are a writer, foodie, entertainer, musician, sportsman, traveler or a technical person or anyone who is interested to write and want to share their knowledge about different things, you are welcome to share your ideas.

Who Will Read Your Blog?

thecontentink.com attracts more than 100 thousand unique learners every month. As a guest blogger of thecontentink.com, your blog will get exposure to this audience including the Instagram followers and Facebook followers. At thecontentink.com, we believe in sharing knowledge and if you are the one who believes in this too, we need you already.

Why Should You Write For Us?

• Get Your Own Blogging Platform

• Your Content | Your Name | Our Platform

• Reach A Wider Audience

• Enhance Your Social Media Presence

• Build Your Online Influence

• Become an authority Blogger

• Instant Exposure to Targeted Traffic

• Establish Authority

• Strengthen Your SEO

What Should You Write About?

You can write over any topic on which you have knowledge and passionate. Knowledge increases once we share with others. You can also ask about the topic while writing to us.

Guidelines for Guest Bloggers

1. The articles should be at least of 800-1500 words with relevant information and expertise. OnlyGenuine & Unique topics are accepted.

2. The article submitted by the guest blogger should pass plagiarism test and should be 100% original as a part of thecontentink.com Editorial policy and as per the best SEO practices, the same article should not be repurposed, republished, or used otherwise for any other website or similar platform, by the blogger.

3. thecontentink.comwill have the editorial control and thecontentink.com com can modify, change, and alter the content of the article as per requirement at its own discretion.

4. The article should have a proper intro, body and conclusion.

5. The articles should be shared in a word doc and not copy-pasted in an email.

6. thecontentink.com can ask the writer to change, modify and re-work on an article or any part thereof, post evaluation by the Editorand the writer should follow the guidelines mentioned by the SPOC (Single Point of Contact) from thecontentink.com. [Also we encourage only Unique & Engaging content on our blog, if we find the content irrelevant, copied, duplicated or not according to our content standards, thecontentink.com has sole discretion to reject such content]

7. thecontentink.com doesn’t promote any product or services. Please note not to include any such content in the article you submit.

8. thecontentink.com might ask the writer to provide relevant images/videos related to an article during submission of that particular article. Irrelevant images or copyright images will not be accepted.

9. Writers have to share a small bio with the article.

10. thecontentink.com encourages guest bloggers by promoting a link back (No follow Link only) to the author’s website/blog in the Bio section. [Links on keywords is not accepted and is against our SEO guidelines, either a direct link to your website or article is provided or link on a phrase is accepted]

11. The writer has to submit the topic ideas with a calendar that mentions the date of article submission before submitting the articles.

12. The article will be published within a week post editorial evaluation. So have patience!

13. thecontentink.com reserves the right to republish the article or share it on thecontentink.com’s social channels giving due credit to the author.

14. thecontentink.com does not pay for the guest blogs.

15. Violation of any of the above rules will make you ineligible as a guest blogger on thecontentink.com.

16. Editor/s reserve the right to accept or deny any post without any further explanation.

17. We do accept sponsored posts,Ads post for rate card & other details you can contact us on the below address.

How to Reach us

Drop us a mail with the subject “Guest Blogging” at thecontentink@gmail.com, Mention the proper topic and content with relevant images/videos. We would happy to have your content.

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